Security Alarm System

  • 45 mobile patrols on the territory of Bulgaria
  • 3 min average response time from armed patrols
  • Advanced 24-hour national operating center for receiving and processing alerts
  • Access to a mobile app for our customers
  • Material liability for any caused damages


In order to ensure the security of the sites, we have a modern national control center, where 24- hour monitoring and coordination of the mobile patrols response is carried out. All patrol cars have GPS tracking devices, as well as devices through which the signals from the sites are received both in the operating center and in the patrols, which ensures a quick and adequate response.

The operators at the center maintain constant communication with the patrols. This allows them to directly supervise the response teams, and to carry out the necessary communication with customers throughout the country.

We have our own technical teams specialized in the rapid and high-quality installation of security systems, according to the specifics of the guarded venue and the needs of the client.

Physical Security

  • Armed and unarmed guards
  • Highly qualified and well-trained staff
  • The service is available on the territory of the whole country.

The physical security, provided by Alpha Security, fully complies with the requirements of the Private Security Act.

The company has built an elite security structure, covering the territory of the whole country, with carefully selected security guards, equipped with uniforms, equipment and other resources.

The organization of the security of each facility is carried out on the basis of preliminary security research, risk assessment and security plan.

In order to achieve the highest level of security, Alpha Security uses a reasonable proportion between physical presence and technical equipment at the sites. This way the human factor is combined with the latest, highly effective technologies for security, video surveillance and access control.

There is continuous control of the security staff, through the “Bodrost” system.

There is also constant communication with our national control center, as in critical situations, a mobile patrol can be sent to the site.

Technical Solutions

  • Design and construction of alarm security systems
  • Design and construction of video surveillance
  • Design and construction of fire alarm systems
  • Design and construction of access control systems
  • Wiring, construction of low-voltage installations
  • The service is available on the territory of the whole country.

The design of the security systems is a key element in achieving the desired goals and a high level of efficiency. The proper selection of technical tools and the construction of security systems, are the basis for a successful implementation of the project.

Alpha Security offers design, installation and maintenance of signaling and security equipment, fire detection, CCTV, computer networks and communication systems, providing warranty and post-warranty service.

Personal Protection

  • Personal protection that guarantees the undisturbed work, travel or entertainment of the client, and ensures discretion and freedom of action...

The personal protection service includes the implementation of a set of measures, steps and actions aimed at protecting the life, health and safety of the client. Alpha Security uses specially trained staff with significant experience and proven personal qualities in this field. All personal security measures are individually prepared and constitute confidential information.

We provide personal protection mostly on the territory of Plovdiv, and if necessary, on the territory of the whole country.

Video Surveilldnce

  • Special software with levels of security
  • Mobile application
  • Automated processes

Our company has a modern, 24-hour control center equipped with the latest technology for timely signal processing.

The video surveillance is suitable for sites with a detector-covered perimeter, as well as for facilities where the alarm signal is sent through panic button or alarm system built inside the buildings and the premises.

The response of the received signals is carried out by the mobile patrols, which are controlled by GPS systems.

The company monitors 24 hours the status each camera, and in the absence of signal, a patrol is sent to the site.


  • Sport events
  • Concerts
  • Cultural public events
  • Exhibitions

The security of public events includes a set of actions that aim to ensure order and safety before, during and after various sports and cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, etc.

The staff of the department has undergone special training and constantly improve their skills by participating in specialized courses in physical, tactical and shooting training.